SNAP set to expand Women’s Business Center using $50K in grant money

SNAP is set to expand its Women's Business Center with the help of a $50K grant from U.S. Bank
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SPOKANE, Wash. — Twenty groups across the country were just given a combined $1 million in grant money from U.S. Bank and a Spokane non-profit made the list.

As part of U.S. Bank’s Market Impact Fund Award grant, SNAP has been awarded $50,000 to expand its Women’s Business Center (WBC). WBC offers business training, financial education and loan funds to low-income entrepreneurs who need help getting their ideas off the ground. Up until SNAP received the grant, those courses and workshops were only offered in person.

Representatives from SNAP believe the new online portal will enable the non-profit to help even more small business owners by removing time and transportation barriers. Margie Bensching utilized the WBC when creating Golden Sherpa, which helps families find adult homes for their loved ones who are retired.

“When you go to the Women’s Business Center, one of the things that you have to do is take their classes. That’s really hard because we’re working. We’re building our business,” Bensching said. “If you’re building your business, you also need access to information and you know you can get that at the Women’s Business Center, but until today, you didn’t have a way to access it when you were available.”

To access SNAP’s new online WBC, click here.