U-High student helps get Hoopfest court built

Austin Dill's Eagle Scout project involved getting court built at Brown's Park in Spokane Valley
U-High student helps get Hoopfest court built

Spokane Valley basketball players will soon have a new place to practice for Hoopfest thanks to the efforts of a U-High junior.

The Hoopfest court is nearing completion at Brown’s Park just across the street from University High School. The concrete was poured yesterday, so now it’s starting to look like a basketball court. All that’s left is the striping and put the hoops in, so it’s finally starting to come together, but it’s been a long process to get to this point.

Two years long, according to Austin Dill, 17, who made it all happen.

“I wanted like the kids around here to just be able to come and play basketball,” he said.

Austin has played basketball since he could walk, so it was only natural that he’d make this his project to become an Eagle Scout.

“I just knew that I wanted it to be about basketball,” he said.

Hoopfest funded the court, but Austin was been able to get other donors along the way. The toughest part was getting the green light from the city; his mom says there’s been a lot of hoops to jump through, no pun intended.

“I’m really proud, yeah. Austin has talked about this for years,” Donna Dill said.

Now that work is finally paying off.

“I’ve learned that even if people think you can’t do something, if you try your hardest you can,” Austin said.

As soon as the court dries, they’ll be doing the striping and installing the hoops and then it will be ready for teams to practice for Hoopfest.