Two teenagers arrested in Cheney car vandalism case

Two teenagers arrested in Cheney car vandalism case
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Authorities said two teenagers are responsible for damage done to more than 15 cars in Cheney.

Authorities arrested 19-year-old Joseph M. Porter and an unidentified 17-year-old in connection to the incident.

A Cheney resident called to report that a person or people were sleeping in a white Kia van near Blackhawk Lane. Officers immediately recognized the vehicle description of a van wanted in connection to the vandalism incident.

As officers were inspecting the van, the door of a nearby home opened and a subject looked out to see officers walking around the van. The front door immediately closed.

Officers knocked on the townhouse door with no response. Officers said they confronted the two subjects when they started leaving out the back door.

Authorities said the suspects were separated and provided conflicting stories. After being confronted by officers, they recanted their stories.

The two suspects said they had broken into the townhouse and were living inside, then admitted to damaging at least 14 vehicles in Cheney.

Both suspects were arrested for burglary and malicious mischief.

Porter was booked into the Spokane County Jail and the minor was transported to the Juvenile Detention Facility. Additional arrests related to the case are expected in the next few days.

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Two teenagers arrested in Cheney car vandalism case