Two San Diego police officers shot while responding to call

Two San Diego police officers shot while responding to call
San Diego police officers respond to the scene where two other officers were shot after they responded to a disturbance call at an apartment complex.

Two San Diego Police officers were shot after they breached an apartment that smelled of smoke on Saturday night, police officials said.

The officers were dispatched to the Tuscany Place Apartments, near San Diego State University, after someone reported hearing cursing, objects being thrown and a man yelling at a woman in a violent manner, police chief David Nisleit said.

When the officers arrived, they knocked on the door but got no response. After smelling smoke coming from inside the apartment, the officers called the fire department to the scene, Nisleit said.

The officers then breached the door and were immediately met with gunfire, Nisleit said. Officers returned fire, said Nisleit, adding that “many” shots were fired in the standoff.

A 3-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department was shot multiple times and is in serious but stable condition. An 18-year veteran of the police force was also shot and is in stable condition. Both are expected to make full recoveries, Nisleit said.

A male suspect in the shooting was found dead at the scene. However, it’s unclear if he was hit by police gunfire.

Hearing the emergency request for help come over the radio was the “worst call you can ever get,” Nisleit said.

“And that’s why you saw such a county-wide response for this call for help,” he added. ” And I can tell you, every single chief, every single officer behind me, and myself, when you get that call, your stomach just sinks and you’re just hoping that nobody dies.

“I’m blessed that none of our officers died. We have one that’s very seriously injured, but looks like he’ll make a full recovery, and I’m very thankful for that.”

Nisleit said the suspect had a criminal history and that police were called to the location numerous times over the last several years.