Two more deaths attributed to the flu in Spokane Co.

Two more deaths attributed to the flu in Spokane Co.


The Spokane Regional Health District now reports three flu-related deaths in Spokane County over the weekend and through Monday afternoon. According to SRHD, 13 of the 18 deaths were people who did not receive the flu vaccine.


Flu deaths in Spokane County continue to rise. According to the Spokane Regional Health District, two deaths over the weekend are attributed to the flu.

Mark Springer,SRHD epidemiologist, said that brings the total number of reported flu-related deaths in the county to 17 this flu season. He said there have been 369 hospitalizations from the flu this season, 206 of those occurred in Spokane County in January.

According to the latest CDC report, there have been 86 flu-related deaths in Washington so far.

Springer noted that this is impacting older people in Spokane with chronic medical conditions most severely.

“A lot of times, it’s, you know, heart conditions, hypertension, diabetes, COPD. Any of those conditions are going to put you at more risk of hospitalization if you get the flu on top of that,” Springer said.

Springer recommends getting a flu vaccination, washing your hands often, and avoiding contact with others if you have flu symptoms.