Two Idaho candidates are back in the race

Two Idaho candidates are back in the race
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Two former Idaho lawmakers previously kicked off the upcoming May 15 ballot due to residency concerns have been given second chances to once again run for legislative seats.

Deputy Secretary of State Tim Hurst on Monday says former Republican state Rep. Phil Hart will be allowed to appear on the primary ballot after a judge ruled last week that former state Rep. Kathy Sims was improperly tossed off the ballot.

Hurst says a separate ruling had been handed down invalidating Hart’s eligibility, but the judge has since rescinded that ruling due to filing errors.

Hurst says the state will address Hart’s eligible candidacy concerns after the May 15 primary election.
Hart is running against incumbent GOP Rep. Paul Shepherd in Legislative District 7. Sims is running in the open District 4 seat against Republican Tony Wisniewski.