Two homemade bombs found in Pullman-Moscow area within a week

Two homemade bombs found in Pullman-Moscow area within a week

Police in Pullman and Moscow are investigating two homemade bombs which were found within four days of each other. In both cases, the Spokane Bomb Squad was called in to safely handle the explosives. On Tuesday, they were back in Moscow investigating a third suspicious device which turned out to be nothing.

The first explosive was discovered May 1 in Moscow near the 400 block of North Almon Street.

“I was interested. I really didn’t have a lot of fear about it,” said Jeanne Woods who lives a few hundred yards away from where the device was found.

The second explosive was found in Pullman on May 5 at the City Playfields near 830 SE South Street. A person in the park called police.

“We cordoned off the area and called the Spokane Bomb Squad and they came down and rendered the device safe. It did turn out to be an explosive device made with galvanized steel,” said Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins.

Members of the bomb squad found the device had a fuse which someone tried to light.

“This is no joke at all,” Jenkins said. “This is serious business. Someone actually could be killed from one of these devices.”

The pipe bomb is now in a Washington State Patrol crime lab, ATF agents are also investigating.

Jenkins said, “It does cause some concern but I think it’s a good thing that people are calling in suspicious devices that they see or suspicious activity.”

It’s unclear if the two bombs are connected or why they were built in the first place.

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