Two gyrocopters donated to Union Gospel Mission now for sale

Two gyrocopters donated to Union Gospel Mission now for sale

When the Union Gospel Mission recieves donations from the public, it usually knows exactly what to do with them. However, the gift of two gyrocopters caught the non-profit a little off guard.

It took UGM a year before it displayed the two ultralight aircraft at its Spokane Valley UGM Motors store. General Manager Jim Stroh says there’s been a lot of interest in the vehicles.

Stroh says the ultralights must have been sitting in someone’s garage for more than 50 years. He says the person who owned them inherited both vehicles and didn’t know what to do with them, so they donated them to UGM.

One of the gyrocopters has a price tag of $5,500, which Stroh says is negotiable, the other $4,000. Stroh says it wasn’t hard to get the engines running and while they haven’t flown the gyrocopters they have driven them around the parking lot.

UGM is asking anyone with knowledge of these types of vehicles to stop by the store to help educate the staff. According to the FAA’s website anyone flying a gyrocoper or gyroplane as the agency call them, must have a special license.

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