Twin sisters arrested for cyberstalking; occult items found at their home

SPOKANE, Wash. — Twin sisters were arrested for cyberstalking, and sending death threats and images of mutilated animals to a woman online.

Spokane Police said Crime Check received a call from a woman saying she was being harassed online. She emailed the Police Department over 100 screenshots depicting written threats, pictures of children, pictures of dead people and pictures of mutilated and dead animals with captions like ‘You’re next.’

Police said all the images and threats were sent by 25-year-old twin sisters Martia and Makayla Alderman.

According to court documents, the victim dates Martia’s ex-husband.

Court records show Martia’s ex-husband told police she was physically and emotionally abusive when they were married. He said she’d terrorize him through intimidation and would often hide pepper spray and knives. According to court documents, Martia once said she had hired a person to be waiting outside his home to “cut you into pieces.”

The twins’ sister told police she did not believe they were in the right state of mind when sending the photos, according to court records. She also said they had not been taking their medication and both sisters had a history of being admitted to psych wards because they had reported hearing voices.

The sisters were arrested on August 6, and officers served a search warrant on their residence.

Officers described seeing a pentagram on the living room floor made from melted candle wax, with items like razor blades laid around it. Additionally, officers found various occult items and writings, but were more concerned about the open and exposed flames, hunting knives and a hatchet found around the apartment—also knowing that Martia had a three-year-old child in the house.

Child Protective Services was alerted to the situation, and Martia and Makayla were booked on 10 and eight counts of felony cyberstalking, respectively.