Get 4 News Now and 700 ESPN on Roku

You can now get all of the latest news, weather and sports content from across the Inland Northwest through your Roku player.

The Roku is a small streaming receiver that plugs into your television and internet connection that allows you to watch content on-demand from a variety of channels, ranging from Netflix, Hulu Prime and Amazon Instant Video to HuffPost Live, NASA TV, Dailymotion and Crackle.

KXLY on Roku

Joining the ever-growing list of channels available on Roku is 4 News Now and 700 ESPN, the first two channels serving local news, weather and sports content anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Both channels are updated daily and you can watch up to a week of videos archived on our two channels anytime.

For more information on the Roku player check out their website at http://www.roku.com. To see a list of all available channels for the Roku go to https://www.roku.com/channels#!now-playing

To get the 4 News Now channel, head to the News category to add it to your channel lineup. For 700 ESPN, check out the Sports category to add it to your channel lineup.