Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge impacted by partial government shutdown

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge is one of more than 560 national wildlife refuges currently operating at minimum staffing capacity amid the partial federal government shutdown.

If you show up to the 18,000 acre refuge, you will find the headquarters locked and a note on the door explaining that it is because of the lack of federal appropriations.

Calling in to the office will get you a recorded message noting the same.

Currently, activities that don’t require a federal employee, federal facilities and have already been permitted, are allowed on the refuge but are done at your own risk.

Upkeep of bathrooms and trash cans won’t happen, and roads and trails may be slick and remain covered if it snows.

Refuge law enforcement officers will remain staffed to protect government property and respond to emergencies.

On Tuesday, there were very few visitors at Turnbull and the dramatic impacts of the shutdown seen at more visited national parks were not apparent.

Joshua Tree National Park in southern California will be closed completely because visitors were off-roading and damaging the fragile ecosystem.

Yosemite has closed sections of the park because of overflowing trash and toilets.

Mt. Rainier National Park’s gates have been closed for safety.

It is not currently clear when the Department of Interior, of which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is a part of, will be funded, and the current closures will remain until it is.

For more information on Turnbull click here to go the website.

For more on the closure procedures, click here to go to the Department of the Interior website.

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