Tubbs Hill closed after possible human bones found

Tubbs Hill closed after possible human bones found
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Tubbs Hill is closed after a hiker and investigators found what could be human bones. 

Coeur d’Alene Police closed Tubbs Hill Friday after investigators found what they believe to be human bones.

On Thursday, a citizen reported finding a bone in the popular hiking area to authorities. Investigators said they found two more while digging on Friday. Police said the bone found by the hiker is likely a human femur.

Tubbs Hill is currently closed, as CDA Police investigate a likely human femur bone found by a hiker. Investigators digging found two more today. Police say they don’t believe there is anything nefarious about it, but are still treating it as a possible crime #kxly pic.twitter.com/KNijrVIwFx

— Hawk Hammer (@ HawkKXLY ) March 29, 2019

The bones investigators found are believed to be part of a leg and likely a pelvis.

Police said they do not believe the incident is suspicious, but are still treating it as a possible crime.

” About three months ago, we had Native American bones found a short distance from this location, that proved to be an estimated 150 to 300 years old, ” Coeur d’Alene Police Captain Dave Hagar said.

Investigators told KXLY4 the trail is about 40 or so years old, but was redone in the early 2000s . Since then, about 6 -8 inches of dirt has worn away. Authorities said snow runoff may have shifted something that was loose and left out there.

Investigators have not confirmed the ages of the bones yet, but said they were near a previous find.

As of Friday, the entire trail was closed. Police may open parts of it as they narrow their search area over the weekend.

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