Trump owes Spokane $65,000 for 2016 rally, but other campaigns owe money, too

A new report from the Center for Public Integrity reports the Trump campaign owes the City of Spokane over $65,000 in public security costs. What the article did not mention was the money owed to the city from other candidates that passed through town.

The money comes from Donald Trump’s 2016 visit to the Lilac City ahead of the presidential election. The report also indicates that the Trump campaign owes money to several cities, totaling more than $841,000.

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But again, here in Spokane, Trump is not the only one that owes the city money for security costs.
Fianna Dickson with the City of Spokane said the city has sent invoices to a number of campaigns over the years seeking reimbursement for public safety and security services provided by the Spokane Police Department.

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Dickson said the city sent bills to the Hillary Clinton campaign after former President Bill Clinton visited Spokane. A bill was also sent to the Bernie Sanders campaign when he visited in 2016. Neither campaign paid up.

In fact, the city has sent invoices to campaigns numerous times over the years and has never received payment. As of this writing, the city was only able to confirm that bills had been sent to the Clinton and Sanders campaign; the exact dollar amount was not readily available.

Sergeant Terry Preuninger with the Spokane Police Department said the process goes the same with every campaign that stops by; the city sends a bill for security costs, the campaign doesn’t pay, then the city leaves it alone. Per routine, Dickson said the city has no plans to pursue payment for the bills.

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