Troopers: North central Idaho man arrested for low-speed chase

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COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — Idaho State Police Troopers arrested a St. Maries man following a slow-speed chase along Highway 3.

Lyle D. Osier, 73, is accused of evading police in his pickup truck. Troopers said the chase took them 17 miles along the highway from Benewah into Kootenai County.

At around 7:42 a.m. Friday morning, the truck was spotted with tape obstructing both license plates and was pulled over. At the stop, Osier allegedly refused to roll down his window for the trooper and drove off.

State troopers said they chased Osier at speeds well below the speed limit. Even though a set of spike strips disabled three of the pickup’s four tires, Osier continued driving, according to troopers.

More spike strips were used to disable the fourth tire, but troopers said the suspect kept going at speeds below 10 mph.

Traffic was stopped briefly and a PIT maneuver was used to stop the truck.

Osier was booked into Kootenai County Jail and has been charged with eluding police, drug possession and not having an ignition interlock device.

Troopers said Osier had a dog in the open bed of his truck, but it was not injured in the chase.