Troopers are on full force this Memorial Day Weekend

The Idaho State Police says this weekend marks one of the 100 deadliest days of driving.

With that in mind, troopers are doing extra patrol this weekend, looking for unsafe drivers on the road. Increased holiday traffic means no slow day for highway patrol officers, which comes as normal, but busy.

These troopers are looking for drivers who appear impaired, distracted, unsafe or are driving too fast.

I was able to accompany Eric O’Brien, a trooper, on his shift, where he pulled over two drivers.

O’Brien wants drivers to slow down and keep their distance on the roads.

“Please increase your following distance,” O’Brien said. “Everybody seems to be in a real big hurry to get somewhere. People drive too close to one another. If they can increase that following distance, that seems to cut down on a lot of crashes.”

O’Brien says it’s hard for people to realize how fast they’re actually moving on the highway.

“When you’re driving a vehicle at 70 mph, you’re literally traveling about 160 feet per second, and people don’t really realize that,” O’Brien said.

Idaho State Police will have more troopers on the scene to monitor these bad tendencies, which seem to increase as we head closer to the summer months. O’Brien says crashes tend to be a little more catastrophic due to the higher speeds driven in nicer weather.

You can avoid these crashed by putting your phone away when driving. Idaho and Washington are hands-free states, so you could get pulled over if you’re caught with your phone while driving.

Troopers have their work cut out for them on Memorial Day, as they try to make sure the roads are safe, and people can make it back to their homes safely.

“Westbound I-90 tomorrow is going to be a zoo,” O’Brien said.

You can call 511 if you’re concerned about a distracted or drunk driver. These measures can go a long way to help keep everyone safe on the road.