Triplets at Mead High are Dual-Sport Athletes

Triplets at Mead High are Dual-Sport Athletes
McKenna, Allie and Lindsey Russell are seniors at Mead High School, and play volleyball and basketball. 

In basketball, triple threat means being ready to dribble, pass, or shoot. at mead high school, it means Allison, Lindsey or Mckenna.

Coach Anderson: “It’s just amazing that they’re, it’s funny because they all have different personalities and they’re just great kids and like, I try not to group them together but every now and then I’m like, triplet, triplet, triplets instead of calling them by their individual names.”

Fraternal triplets…that play basketball and volleyball for the panthers…not only do they have different personalities…but also a different way of communicating.

Mckenna Russell: “On the court, we not fight more but like there’s the way we say things to each other might be more stern so then people think that it’s like team mates fighting if they don’t know we’re sisters, so it’s like just a different way we talk to each other on the court I’d say.”

Coach Anderson: “Alllison brings a lot of leadership, she’s the mama bear of the three. Mckenna, she’s a great shooter and she brings the energy, she’s the one that’s always cheering for everyone. and Lindsey’s just, shes a great basketball player, and she’s funny, she’s the funniest of the three. so, she, she makes a lot of people laugh.

And they all get it done in the classroom too…all three sisters have over a 3.5 GPA. With so much time together at school and home, its the bond on the court they cherish.

Allison: “I mean, I couldn’t even imagine our life without sports, and i think overall we’ve just always been close, but that is probably one of the reasons why is because we’re together every day, every moment basically.”

All that time…still not enough! The triplets plan to play volleyball next year at Spokane Falls

“So it doesn’t end here? Nope, we’re still playing together for two more years, yeah.”