Trashed, nuisance Spokane home now transformed and cleaned up

SPOKANE, Wash. — In order to have a happy home, and a safe neighborhood, it usually requires good neighbors- something that’s entirely out of our control.

When someone moves into a neighborhood, they can end up with nuisance homes right next door. Or,  a chronic nuisance renter or homeowner could move into a neighborhood.

Chronic nuisance homes can happen anywhere. When the issues become big enough, Spokane police will get involved, and oftentimes, they’re able to resolve the issue.

“We were traumatized on behalf of the neighbors,” Shane Sliva, a homeowner, and landlord explained.

Shane Sliva was the homeowner of a home on Illinois Avenue earlier this year. Last fall he had a renter move in, and despite a clean background check, their time spent at the home was anything but clean.

“A search warrant was done on the house where they recovered drugs from the location,” Officer Tim Schwering, Spokane Police Department explained.

Within a matter of days, the drug activity, nuisance activity, and suspicious cars became too much for neighbors to ignore.

“We working with our attorney, but the kinds of action we could take were toothless,” Sliva explained.

At the time, there was an eviction moratorium in place, complicating the problem. Police got involved quickly and within a matter of months, a 3-day eviction notice was issued. The renter, who never paid a penny from beginning to end, left, taking the home appliances with her.

“When you have these types of nuisance properties, they increase crime around the area, you’re having a lot more car prowlings, just quality of life issues that it creates for the neighborhood, where these homes are located,” Officer Schwering explained.

The owner was able to clean up the home and get in on the market within months. Today, a couple lives there, marking a revitalization of sorts for that area.

“The chronic nuisance is a blessing because it kicks into gear somethings that the police department and that you could do with an attorney through eviction,” Sliva explained.

If you’re having consistent issues in your own area, Spokane police recommend reporting them to Crime Check.

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