Trapped by trees: neighbor helps South Hill woman clean her yard

A fall snowstorm earlier this week left one South Hill woman’s house in disarray.

Cathy Lindley says, ever since the storm, fallen tree branches have made it hard to get in and out of her house.

“I got up and opened the door and it was like a total war zone,” said Lindley.

Her home has always been surrounded by trees. Still, the snapped branches on her sidewalk, in her backyard, on the driveway and over her porch were too much.

“I feel very claustrophobic in my house and especially on the porch. I’m just feeling totally overwhelmed,” said Lindley.

Even the walkway to her front door was covered in branches.

“I can’t get through unless I want to crawl through,” she said.

Considering Lindley lives by herself, cleaning the mess up wouldn’t be the easiest option.

She called SNAP and Catholic Charities, but never heard back. 311 and Avista were only cleaning branches from the road.

So she looked to tree trimming and landscaping businesses to see how much it would cost.

“My lowest bid was $700 and my highest was $35 to do the complete to clean the trees, to trim,” said Lindley.

Going out on a limb, Lindley reached out to he public, offering hot chocolate to anyone willing to help her clean up the mess.

Luckily, hours after 4 News Now spoke with Lindley, her neighbors stepped up to help.

“He’s my hero,” Lindley said, admiring her freshly-cleaned yard. “I am just so grateful to him. I’ve got a yard now. It’s not a war zone anymore, so I’m so happy.”