Trapped bear rips car’s interior to shreds

Trapped bear rips car’s interior to shreds

A curious bear found itself trapped inside a car and the car’s interior paid the price.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado said Wednesday it was the second time this week a bear has gotten into a car, so they’re telling people to lock up.

The latest incident involved a bear making himself at home – if that means ripping up your temporary digs and leaving behind a half-eaten banana.

“While this Yogi did not pack a pic-a-nic basket, he did enjoy the snacks he found juuuuuuuuuust right inside this car in Conifer before falling asleep. You can see from some of the damage that he left a half-eaten banana in the cub holder,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post.

They go on to remind people to “goldilock” your car to keep thieves and bears from entering.

A Jefferson County deputy tied a rope to the car’s door and safely opened it so the bear could escape back to the wild.

No humans or bears were injured in the making of this insurance nightmare.