‘Tough Little Cookie’ Stands Up To Carjackers

An 89-year-old Wallace, Idaho, woman is proving she is tougher than she looks, recovering from a broken arm she suffered when two thieves stole her car right in front of her.

Ione Halkowiez left her car running in a parking lot while she dropped off her key to the Wallace Visitors Center, where she had just finished working as volunteer, greeting and meeting people from all across the country.

When she went back outside, she saw two people getting in her car, and Halkoweiz said she wasn?t just going to stand idly by and let someone steal it.

“She is a tough little cookie,” Ione’s son, Elmer Mattila, said. “She’s big, too. She’s like 5 feet and weighs 90 pounds.”

Halkowiez takes pride in doing things on her own, Matilla said, so when she saw thieves trying to take her car, she took matters into her own hands.

“She said, obviously, (the thief) had the wrong car; she told her ‘That’s my car, your car is somewhere else,'” Mattila said, adding that his mom, a child raised during the Great Depression, wasn’t about to let anyone take what she had worked hard for.

“She grabbed the car handle and vroom the car took off and that’s kind of a brick cobble stone stuff and it drug her along on the bricks for a ways,” Matilla said.

While Halkoweiz was so determined to not let her car get taken without a fight, the would-be thieves were equally determined to make their getaway. After a short pursuit, Shoshone County Sheriff deputies finally stopped them and had to break the windows of Halkoweiz’s car to get them out.

Matilla said Monday that, typically, his mom would have told the story herself, but she had surgery Monday afternoon to fix her broken arm. Her other injuries amounted to a few scrapes and bruises.

Don’t worry about her though; Matilla said she might have a broken arm but his mom’s vibrant spirit remains intact.

“She feels it’s sad that they are so desperate they would do that to a little old lady,” he said.

As for the couple that stole her car, 28-year-old Bret Bosh and 25-year-old Theresa Bosh were arrested on charges of grand theft, felony eluding, burglary, resisting arrest and obstructing justice. Bret Bosh was also charged for DUI.