Top stories to start your Friday morning, November 22

Top stories to start your Friday morning, November 22
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Good morning, it is November 22. Here are the top stories to know while you start your Friday:

SPOKANE TEENS VAPING: More Spokane teens are vaping more than the national average. Spokane Public Schools hosted a symposium for families to open up the conversation about vaping and the dangers of vaping. Here’s what they learned.

LIBERTY LAKE BOIL WATER ADVISORY: The Sewer and Water District issued a boil order to more than 10,000 people because they found E.coli in the water. Now, people may have to go until next week, potentially into Thanksgiving, without drinkable tap water.

BANNING ALARMS: An unmistakable sound that’s blared throughout Spokane over the years is meant to drive away loiterers, but one councilwoman is so annoyed of them, she’s drafting up a proposal to get rid of them altogether.

VIDEO GAME REHAB: Some families are paying thousands of dollars to send their kids to a video game addiction rehab center right here in Washington.

COUGAR BASKETBALL: KJ Robinson scored 18 of his 20 points in the second half, JT Gibson finished with 18 points, and Omaha beat Washington State 85-77 on Thursday night.