Top stories and headlines for the end of your week

Top stories and headlines for the end of your week
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Good morning and happy Friday! You made it to the end of the week – nice work! Here are some of the stories you need to know before you start your Friday.

Following the money in Spokane’s mayoral race

Nearly $500,000 have already been raised between Ben Stuckart and Nadine Woodward’s campaigns. Former lawmaker Kevin Parker said it will probably reach more than $1 million by November. Could it be the most expensive mayoral race in the history of the city?

Study: Spokane schools with higher rates of free and reduced lunch see higher obesity rates

A new study done at WSU Spokane and the Spokane Regional Health District found Spokane elementary schools with higher rates of free and reduced lunch, meaning those serving lower-income families, saw a 20 percent higher rate of childhood obesity.

Memorial in Riverfront Park shows true cost of war

A memorial in Riverfront Park illustrates the true cost of war. Nearly 1,5000 headstones are in the park to honor the soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The memorial will be on display through the weekend during the Veterans for Peace conference.

‘We can do better’: Spokane city council members support downtown lot improvement

An overgrown city-owned lot near Browne and Sprague in downtown Spokane is at the center of safety concerns. Lutheran Community Services Northwest expressed worries about people loitering behind the overgrown shrubbery in the empty lot, and some City Council members agreed.