Top headlines to start your Thursday morning

Top headlines to start your Thursday morning
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Welcome to August! Today will be a hot start to the month with lots of sunshine and 90-degree temperatures.

Here’s what you should know to start your day:


The primary election is now just five days away. Your ballot is due on Tuesday, August 6. Make sure it’s either in the mail that morning, or dropped in a ballot box sometime by 8 p.m. In Spokane County, 58,071 voters (or 17.80%) have already returned theirs. Didn’t get your ballot? Find out what to do here.


There have been months of waiting and anticipation, but today an interactive aquarium attraction finally opens in Spokane’s Northtown Mall. The Blue Zoo opens its doors at 10:00 a.m. Tickets are about $16 for adults, $13 for kids. Children under two are free! Everything you need to know is here.

It’s almost time to start making the kids’ lunches again. Or is it?

With summer’s end in sight, you may be dreading the back to school transition. For many, that transition comes with once again making lunches for the kids to take to school. But when should you stop doing it for them? A new Good Housekeeping article cites a doctor who says your kids should make their own lunches starting in third grade. What do you think? Read more here.

Other things happening today:

Liberty Lake Off Road Vehicle Park closes as a fire precaution
Festival at Sandpoint begins tonight
The Shadle Aquatic Center will be closed until tomorrow, “due to unforeseen circumstances.”