Earth Day 2021: Here’s how you can get involved at home

SPOKANE, Wash. — All across the world, people are celebrating the 51st annual Earth Day. This year, the theme is Restore Our Earth which is all about natural processes, green technology and forward-thinking mindsets to restore the world’s ecosystems. Earth Day celebrations are also happening in Spokane all throughout the week.

“You can take a lot of action here in Spokane, in your backyard and in your community,” said Chelsea Updegrove, the Director of Development & Communications for The Lands Council.

The Lands Council is sponsoring a lot of Earth Day events and activities you can participate in. However, she says the focus can’t only be about celebrating the earth one day out of the year. You can make small changes every day to benefit the environment.

“If we all do our part, and we all take action now to advocate for a clean environment, healthy planet and for sustainable policies, we’re going to have a better tomorrow,” Updegrove said.

While it may seem overwhelming to think about environmental problems and global warming issues, sometimes looking at small, simple and daily changes makes it more manageable.

Here are local events and small activities you can get involved in to preserve our earth:

  1. Participate in a Virtual River Clean-up.
  2. Plant a new tree.
  3. Give feedback to the city on its Sustainability Action Plan.
  4. Consider transitioning your landscaping to SpokaneScape.

More information on all these activities and ideas can be found here. You can also sign up for Earth Day events and other environment-focused events here.