To surprise of local non-profit, report shows property crime on decline in Spokane

To surprise of local non-profit, report shows property crime on decline in Spokane

An updated report released Monday shows property crime is on the decline throughout Spokane, with home burglaries down 12 percent and commercial burglaries dipping 10 percent.

The latest numbers show at this time last year, there were 759 residential burglaries. So far this year, there have been 669 reported home burglaries. Commercial burglaries have dropped from 285 to 257 since this time last year.

Major Kevin King with the Spokane Police Department said there are more patrols hitting the streets to focus on hot spots for crime. King said the department takes reports from neighbors, looks at the trends and creates maps for its officers to see where they should focus on.

“We’re able to staff the teams a little bit more full, that gives them a little more proactive time to go out and hit those hot spot areas,” King said.

Steven Brashears with Feed Spokane is shocked by the report. His local non-profit has been broken into countless times over the last year.

“We actually came out on a Saturday and somebody was sitting in a Feed Spokane van getting ready to hotwire it,” Brashears said. “It’s not that I’m saying they’re wrong, it’s just that we aren’t seeing it on the street.”

King doesn’t believe the decrease in crime is a result of neighbors making less reports.

“I think people are reporting the same,” King said. “We encourage people to report, because if we don’t know about a crime, we can’t do anything about it.”

Brashears said Feed Spokane has reported every break-in at the non-profit.

King said there were 35 car thefts throughout the city last week. Of those 35 thefts, eight cars were left unlocked or were kept running.

King said you could save yourself a headache by keeping track of serial numbers on items like bikes or tools. If an item is stolen, police use the serial number to match and track it.

The department said you can contact your neighborhood resource officer to conduct an assessment on your home or business to see how vulnerable it is to theft. Police recommend keeping your space well-lit, free of trees and bushes, which can act as hiding places for thieves and keeping windows closed.