Tire and auto repair shop: Potholes damaging tires, wheels

Tire and auto repair shop: Potholes damaging tires, wheels

Downtown Spokane looked beautiful in the sunshine on Saturday.

We are loving the warmer weather, but our roads are not.

It seems like no matter where you drive in the city, those pesky potholes are impossible to avoid.

But not only are they a nuisance, they can be dangerous and costly.

“Potholes this year have been pretty prolific as far as, they’re just out everywhere,” said Perfection Tire manager Corey Murphy.

It’s something we see every winter in Spokane, but Perfection Tire on north Division says: this winter isn’t typical.

“I’d say [the potholes are] probably worse. I think our roads are decaying a lot more so than in most winters,” he said.

Murphy said as the snow starts to melt, they see more people coming in with damaged tires or wheels.

“It peaks when we get through a thaw period of time, you’ll start seeing a lot more,” he said. “We’d see probably anywhere from probably one to five a day.”

He says, unfortunately, a lot of the time, the tire is so damaged, it must be replaced.

“You’ll hit a pothole, the tire will fold on itself, and as a result it will rupture the side wall and it will ruin the tire,” he explained. “There’s no way of repairing something like that.”

If your tire has a bulge in it, that’s a problem, too.

“If you have hit a pothole and you see a bulge in the side wall on the tire, that tire needs to be replaced,” he said. “It has a great risk of having a blow out which can be a safety issue, could put you in a big predicament, especially if you’re on the high way going real fast.”

Murphy says they’re seeing these issues happen mostly to newer cars with lower profile tires. But some don’t discriminate.

“But there are trucks out there that are getting tires ruined from some of the stuff out there,” he said.

Murphy’s advice? Take it slow to stay safe and avoid a costly repair.

“From what I’ve seen, most of the potholes are on the outside lanes towards the curbs, so try to get away from those lanes. That’ll help you out. If you see one and you can’t avoid, it slow down as much as you can because that’s going to lesson the impact to that tire, lesson the pressure to that tire.”

The City of Spokane says the street department works on potholes every day weather permitting. Three pothole trucks were out working on the roads Friday night, and two pothole trucks were out on Saturday morning.

If you see a pothole, you are encouraged to report it by calling 755-CITY, or 311