Tips to keep your packages safe from Porch Pirates during the holidays

Spokane Police say package thieves- or Porch Pirates- are especially active during the holidays, and it only takes a few seconds to become a victim.

USA Today estimates that 30% of Americans have been the victim of package thieves. Several of those cases have been in Spokane.

So how can you avoid your presents being stolen off your porch this holiday season?

Instead of having that Playstation delivered to your front door, consider having it shipped to your office.

If that’s not an option, you can also have your package delivered to a remote pickup site. Amazon has several hub lockers around Spokane. They’ll give you the code to open the box. FedEx and UPS also offer similar options.

Police recommend tracking your deliveries online. If you must have them shipped to your house, talk to your neighbor and see if they can collect the package while you’re away.

Finally, consider getting a video doorbell. They may not always stop a Porch Pirate in their tracks, but they can help police identify them.

Spokane Police are doing emphasis patrols this holiday season. Officers will be in unmarked cars following delivery drivers, trying to catch thieves red-handed.