Tips to help you prepare for the incoming arctic air

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Analogue Kid // Wikimedia Commons

SPOKANE, Wash. — Dangerously cold temperatures are on the way for the Inland Northwest and there are several steps you can take to prepare yourself.

Temperatures are expected to dip into the teens and 20s, with some morning temperatures in the single digits. With the weather turning rapidly, it could pose a threat to you, your family and your pets.

The Spokane Regional Health District has issued a health advisory, warning that exposure to cold temperatures can cause serious or life-threatening health problems. Infants and the elderly are particularly at risk.

Here is what you can do to prepare:

If you must go outside in the cold, wear several layers of loose-fitting, light weight, warm clothing. Wear mittens rather than gloves, a hat and cover your mouth with a scarf. You should also avoid driving unless completely necessary and keep pets inside.

You are also encouraged to register with to receive alerts that may affect your home or neighborhood during an emergency.