Tips for boarding your pets

Tips for boarding your pets
Jeroen van Velthoven/SXC

As families prepare to travel over the holidays, some furry friends might be left behind or boarded at a kennel. Get tips on how to prepare your pet to be boarded.

When choosing a kennel or a boarding place, make sure it has a good reputation and that you feel comfortable leaving your pet there. Make sure the place is clean, safe and secure. Also make sure your dog will get some exercise while there, and inquire about which dogs (particularly what sizes of dogs) your pet will be allowed to play around. Make sure both the indoor and outdoor areas are properly secured so your dog won’t be able to escape.

When dropping your pet off, bring along his or her favorite blanket and some toys. This will help make him or her more comfortable.

Try to be positive when bringing your dog to the kennel. Act like he or she will have fun, like it’s a little vacation for him or her as well. Try not to be sad or apologize, as your pet might sense your sadness and will start to feel anxious.