Tips for a special father-daughter outing

Tips for a special father-daughter outing
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On Father’s Day, plan to spend some time with your daughter doing activities that you both would enjoy. One of the greatest joys of being a father to a little girl is that you can get out of your comfort zone and be silly, just because it makes her smile.

Here are eight father-daughter activities that will not only create lasting memories, but let you both learn a little more about each other while you spend one-on-one time.

1. Hiking

Whether you have hiking trails accessible nearby or need to get out of the city, an afternoon of hiking will absolutely be worth it. Even collecting gear around the house such as binoculars, snacks, water, a camera, whistles, and a first aid kit, will get her excited about hitting the trails. If you have maps available along the way, it’ll fun for her to be able to visualize the endeavor.

2. Fishing

Fishing is not only for father-son duos. Little girls love an afternoon on the lake with their dad. Teach her to be safe near the water with a life jacket and proper casting techniques. Even if the fish aren’t biting, she will be entertained as long as you remember to pack a lunch!

3. Movies

Find a movie playing at a theater close by that you will both enjoy. A great thing about many animated movies is that their humor is enjoyable for both kids and adults. Grab some cash to play a few games before or after as well and she’ll be ecstatic.

4. Shopping

Shopping may not be at the top of Dad’s list, but it can be a treat for your daughter if you surprise her with a trip to the mall. Let her pick out an item for herself and one for you on your special day. You can even stop for dessert at the food court before heading home.

5. Obstacle Course

Gather items around the house to set up an outdoor obstacle course! Have her help plan the set-up and build the course. You can make one with tunnels to crawl through and objects to climb over, or you can create one to maneuver a bicycle through.

6. Zoo

Spend an afternoon at the zoo! A great thing about going to the zoo is that there are not only animals to see, but plants and insects to learn about. It’s easy to spend hours exploring, just the two of you.

7. Swimming

Go to the local swimming pool or beach for a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Children of any age love splashing around and playing water games with their dad. This is not only an exciting activity to do together, but an inexpensive one.

8. Putt-Putt Golf

If you have a mini-golf course nearby, bring your daughter for a few rounds of competition. Putt-Putt Golf is an easy-to-do sport that you can both play. Have her help you keep score and teach her some golf terms as you hit “par.”

By Korbi Thompson, Contributing Writer