Tip from recycling company leads to alleged catalytic converter thief’s arrest

SPOKANE, Wash. – Employees at a local recycling company called in a tip that led police to arrest the suspect in a recent catalytic converter theft. 

Spokane Police arrested Daniel Girton, 32, at a gas station on North Division Wednesday. 

Police said Girton and a few others were trying to sell a catalytic converter at Action Recycling. Believing it had been stolen, employees called SPD with a description of Girton’s car and the license plate number. 

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The converter was stolen from a car parked at a retail outlet in North Spokane in late March. Police quickly arrested Girton and earlier this week, arrested 30-year-old Kennard Supak for his alleged involvement. 

The other people who were with Girton at the time of his arrest may also face charges. 

Girton was in a Ford Explorer that police seized. Inside, they found a saw and converter that had been cut from another car. 

The Explorer is also linked to two catalytic converter thefts from passenger busses at the Corbin Senior Center last week. 

Employees at Action Recycling had seen media coverage of the thefts and recognized the converter brought into their facility as the same type that may belong in a passenger bus. 

Police said buy-back facilities like Action Recycling are increasingly working with police to identify people who attempt to sell stolen converters. 

A law passed in the Washington legislature this year seeks to curb catalytic converter thefts by placing requirements on scrap yards to solicit motor-vehicle ownership documentation to transact a sale. 

Girton now faces charges of second-degree theft, second-degree malicious mischief and first-degree attempted trafficking in stolen property, which are all felonies.

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