Tim Ryan does not support impeachment proceedings against Trump

2020 Democratic candidate Tim Ryan said he does not support beginning the impeachment process against President Donald Trump, even though he argued that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report shows the President committed obstruction of justice.

“Let the process play itself out,” Ryan told CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday on “State of the Union.”

Though he argued “it’s pretty clear that the President obstructed on several different occasions,” Ryan said he believes the “first step” should be for House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler to “continue to open up this investigation to better understand this.”

“Let the Judiciary Committee look at this. There’s a process in place here,” Ryan said, adding: “I think that’s the natural next step, and let’s see where that leaves.”

Nadler said Sunday on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” he thinks some of the matters brought forth in the Mueller report, if proven, are impeachable for President Donald Trump. He, however, did not specifically call for impeachment hearings, saying he first wants to hear Mueller’s testimony in front of the committee. Nadler had