Tim Eyman pushes to permanently prohibit WA income, carbon taxes

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Tim Eyman, an anti-tax political activist in Washington who ran for governor this year, is setting his sights on 2021.

Eyman revealed on Wednesday that he intends on pursuing two initiatives next year in an effort to permanently block any attempts to impose income or carbon taxes in Washington state.

The text of the proposed measure says:

“The people strongly oppose the constant effort by politicians to create and impose new taxes on already struggling taxpayers. This measure would prohibit the state and any local government from imposing a tax on an individual’s or household’s personal income and prohibit the department of revenue from collecting revenue from any such prohibited tax. “

The initiative aims to keep all cities and the state from passing an income tax, but in the past Governor Inslee has denied supporting a state income tax.

Eyman is pushing the initiatives with his political action committee “Permanent Offense.” He feels confident they will collect enough signatures to get the initiatives on the ballot.

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tim eyman“Yes, that’s me 32 years ago tossing a guy twice my size at a WSU fraternity event. It’s a perfect metaphor for what we can accomplish together next year — and that’s to toss Inslee’s Tax Schemes.”

On Wednesday, Eyman addressed viewers on Facebook to deliver the news, and also gave an update on his $30 car tab initiative which was passed by voters last year but has been stuck in legal limbo ever since.

“The fight continues on 30 dollar tabs. We filed a motion to for reconsideration to take it back to the Supreme Court Justices,” he said in the video.

Meanwhile, Eyman has also begun soliciting public donations to his “Defense Fund” as he faces legal challenges with the state.