Thursday on KXLY 4 News at 6: Jade’s Story

Thursday on KXLY 4 News at 6: Jade’s Story
Rebecca Linck
13-year-old Jade Harlow was airlifted to Sacred Heart after he was shot in the head. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Linck.

In a story you’ll see only on KXLY 4 News, a Sandpoint family will share their experience of strength and survival. Their 13-year-old boy, Jade Harlow, beat the odds this summer after he was accidentally shot in the head.

Just two and a half months ago, on June 22, Rebecca Linck picked up the phone and what the voice on the other line said changed her family’s life forever.

“All she could formulate, or articulate, at that moment was ‘Jade’s been shot, they’re putting him on Life Flight’ and then the phone went dead,” Linck told KXLY4. “Probably the one phone call, that I just never… I don’t think any mother wants to get.”

Linck and Harlow will share what happened next and where their family stands now in an exclusive interview on KXLY 4 News at 6 on Thursday night, September 13.