Thurman trial in recess until Monday

Thurman trial in recess until Monday

Week one of Dwayne Thurman’s trial ended with testimony from the investigators tasked with canvassing the Thurman home for evidence, following the shooting that killed Thurman’s wife, Brenda, in January 2016.

Thurman has pleaded not guilty to a manslaughter charge. His attorney, Carl Oreskovich, has previously said the shooting was a tragic accident. Prosecutors say Thurman’s experience with firearms is extensive and that he recklessly caused his wife’s death.

In court Thursday, those prosecutors called to the stand witnesses who were involved in the investigation of the shooting scene at the Thurman’s Spokane Valley home.

Spokane County Sheriff’s Detective Mike Drapeau, who led that investigation, walked the jury through an array of photos that captured the scene as it looked when Brenda Thurman was shot. Of note, the box with gun cleaning equipment that was on the table as well as the two firearms in that box- both Glocks- one of them teal. That gun had been gifted to Brenda Thurman by her husband for her birthday the year before. That’s the gun that, Thurman has said, went off unexpectedly and fatally struck his wife.

A firearms expert formerly with the Washington State Patrol told the court on Wednesday that, when he tested the gun after the shooting, he detected no malfunction.

The jury has been excused until Monday morning. The state’s case will continue then, before Thurman’s defense takes its turn.