Thurman sentenced to 5 years in prison for 2016 shooting death of wife

Thurman sentenced to 5 years in prison for 2016 shooting death of wife

Dwayne Thurman, 44, has been sentenced to 60 months, or 5 years, in prison for the 2nd degree manslaughter of his wife Brenda Thurman in 2016. Details of the incident can be found here.

Thurman, who lives in Spokane Valley and is a former Lincoln County Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy, was convicted by a jury in early April 2018.

Brenda’s family addressed the court Thursday with one last plea for justice for the woman they love. Brenda’s mother, Raquel Rodriguez, spoke through a translator of the life lost and what she thinks Dwayne needs to do now.

“Our lives have changed. I don’t have my daughter and my grandchildren don’t have their mother. I tell you, Dwayne Thurman, you know you are guilty. Declare it so that you can be free of the weight of you conscience. All your life, ask God for forgiveness and repents, also to us. I have forgiven you,” Rodriquez said.

Brenda’s daughter, Gabrielle Corriette, also made a plea to the judge before he handed down Dwayne’s sentence.

“I’ll never get what I truly want and that is to have my mother back. So, I’m putting my faith in you to make a fair and just decision,” Corriette said.

The five year sentence was fairly standard in a case like this.

During the trail, prosecutor John Love said the standard sentencing range for second-degree manslaughter, for a defendant who has no prior convictions, is somewhere in the two year range.

But the jury agreed to add a special firearms enhancement, which — according to the RCW — adds three years to the standard range.