Three things you need to know this flu season

Three things you need to know this flu season

The deadly flu epidemic’s grip continues to tighten on the Spokane Community. The Spokane Regional Health District reports that 21 people have now died in Spokane County this flu season, all were adults.

There are still things you can do to prevent getting and spreading the flu. Epidemiologist Mark Springer said it’s good to keep these three things in mind: consider community safety, get vaccinated and practice good respiratory etiquette.

“Our whole idea of vaccination is that we are trying to not only protect ourselves, but protect our community. That’s the people in the community that are more at risk of complications and they depend on us to provide a safe environment,” Springer said.

Despite the date, it’s not too late to get a flu shot. Spring noted that flu season historically goes on into March and some cases usually surface through May.

“Flu vaccine will also protect people from getting hospitalized and from dying, even if they do develop influenza,” Springer said.

He encourages everyone to practice good respiratory etiquette by properly covering your cough and washing your hands often.

“Those are going to protect you from flu and any other of these respiratory illness and colds that are circulating right now,” Springer said.