Three sisters dressed as ‘Sanderson Sisters’ paddle board on the Spokane River for Halloween

SPOKANE, Wash — Take a look at this spooky sight.

A bunch of witches took to the Spokane River for some stand-up paddle board action this afternoon!

“We just wanted to get out on our paddle boards and have a little witchy magic on Halloween this year,” Hannah, one of the paddle boarders, said. “We’re three sisters.”

They are sisters in real life and dressed up as the “Sanderson Sisters” from the popular Halloween movie “Hocus Pocus.”

They paddle-boarded from downtown Spokane to No-Li Brewhouse just after lunchtime today.

The sisters say their paddles make for good broomsticks and they planned to paddle board on flat water.

Hopefully none of them got wet. We wouldn’t want the witches to melt!

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