Police: 3 people, 1 naked, attempt to rob local photography studio

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Toby Jones

SPOKANE, Wash. — Three people broke into Green Gable Photography Wednesday evening, one of whom was reportedly naked.

Spokane Police said the business owner arrived after being notified about the alarm going off at the North Spokane business. The owner found the window smashed out.

He went to the back door and reportedly confronted one of the burglars. Police said the burglar hit the owner in the head and split his eye open. The owner chased the burglar but lost them. When the owner went back to the business, he confronted two other burglars, one of whom was naked.

The nude burglar was identified by police as Toby Jones, 36, who is a registered sex offender and convicted felon.

The clothed burglar took off and got over a fence, while the owner tried to hold Jones. Spokane Police arrived and took him into custody.

Police couldn’t locate the other burglars and the investigation is ongoing. An iPad and other items were found while police were tracking the suspects.

Jones was booked for several charges including burglary, assault, malicious mischief and attempted theft.