Three detained in back-to-back coffee stand robberies

Three detained in back-to-back coffee stand robberies

Two coffee stands, two armed robberies and three people in custody was all in an hour’s work for Spokane Police Tuesday.

It was around 12:30 when the first call came in that Hot Toddy’s Espresso on Francis had just been robbed.

“Suspect male walked up, displayed a handgun and demanded cash,” said Spokane police officer Teresa Fuller.

Detectives worked the area looking at surveillance video and searching the area with K-9 officer Talon. The search came back empty but police were able to get a solid description of the suspect. Then, while still on the scene, a second call came in.

“It ups the ante a little bit,” said Fuller.

The second robbery was at Brews Bros. just a few miles away at the intersection of Sinto and Ruby. The suspect in that robbery had the same description and used the same method to rob the coffee stand.

“Same thing, gentleman walked up, displayed a handgun, demanded money,” Fuller said.

With two robberies possibly committed by the same individual, police now even more intent on finding the robbers.

“Desperation can lead people to do very bad things, and like I said, that’s why we need to catch this guy right away,” said Fuller.

With police already in the area and armed with a vehicle description it was just a matter of minutes before a sergeant spotted the vehicle. Three men inside were taken into custody.

“There was evidence in the vehicle that lead us to believe that these people were involved,” Fuller said.

Police say the best thing a person can do in a robbery situation like this is to be a good witness, something that played a big factor in Tuesday’s robberies.

“Hopefully we won’t see another one of these for a while,” said Fuller.

Police say they will also look into if these three were also involved in an armed robbery at a South Hill Baskin Robbins Monday night.

Late Tuesday afternoon the police department confirmed that two of the three men detained were being arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail on charges of robbery and attempted robbery while the third person was being arrested on an unrelated warrant.