Threats continue to concern Mead parents

Threats continue to concern Mead parents

The mother of a Mead High School student who received a threatening photo last spring brought her concerns to Monday’s school board meeting.

Tammy Moncur is one of several parents calling for the district to review procedures addressing bullying and harassment after a male student sent her daughter and another girl a photo of a gun with the caption “this would look nice next to your guys’ heads.”

Moncur says the student involved was never suspended, and the harassment never stopped. Moncur said her daughter has been harassed in class multiple times by the same student again this year. On Sunday, she discovered her home and daughter’s car had been egged. Moncur says there’s even more bullying happening online, which is difficult for the school to catch and document.

Moncur called on board members to give discipline procedures more teeth, and to develop a stronger approach to handling and documenting threats, bullying, and harassment.

“If we are going to tell our children ‘see something, say something’ we have to do something,” said Moncur. “It comes with action, and sometimes action has to be firm to change the behavior.”

Mead Schools Superintendent Dr. Thomas Rockefeller said the district is discussing current policies and procedures with other schools in Spokane County. Rockefeller said all threats must be taken seriously, and that schools can’t afford to take any chances.

Tim Little, the father of one of the girls being harassed filed a temporary anti-harassment order on Thursday – it was served against the male student on Friday. Little said the male student has been ordered to stay out of class until October 19 — that’s when the court will decide if the temporary order will last all school year, or perhaps longer.