Threat assessment psychologist speaks on Moscow murders

MOSCOW, Idaho — The search continues for the killer of four University of Idaho students as investigators try to piece together details. Moscow Police have said they don’t believe there is a threat to the community, and this is likely a targeted attack.

It was shared by Moscow PD on Friday that the coroner stated that the four victims were likely asleep, some had defensive wounds and each was stabbed multiple times. There was no sign of sexual assault.

In an interview with ABC, threat assessment psychologist Dr. Marisa Randazzo said investigators will likely be looking for various kinds of tactical gear.

“One of the things they’re going to be looking for, with the combat knife they’re looking for, one of the things we know from targeted attacks is that sometimes the individuals who carry them out will get to a point where they dress as what we in the field call a pseudo commander. They have tactical gear that really shows a commitment to carrying this out,” Dr. Randazzo explained.

Tactical gear is typically used by law enforcement and the military.

“They’re going to be looking for recent purchases of this combat knife they think may be involved, other tactical gear, a tactical vest, something that someone may be dressed at,” Dr. Randazzo added.

They’ll be asking witnesses in the area if they’ve seen anyone in that kind of gear.

Dr. Randazzo says it’s also highly likely there was only 1 killer. She said we typically don’t see knife attacks or stabbings that are carried out by multiple people.

Two other roommates were home at the time of the attack. They’re unharmed and Moscow Police said they don’t believe they’re suspects.

Those two roommates are cooperating with the police and they could play a big role in solving the case.

However, investigators are still relying on tips from anyone with any kind of information.

If you have information that can help police, you can call: 208-883-7180, or email: tipline@

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