Thousands turn out for Women’s March

Thousands turn out for Women’s March

Thousands and thousands of women, men, children and adults turned out on Sunday for the city’s second Women’s Persistence March.

“Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them and may we raise them,” said Lynn O’Connor.

All types turned out and there was a myriad of political messages and differing ideologies, but at the heart of the march there was this message.

“Women are 50 percent of the intelligence, 50 percent of the effort and we need to be recognized that way,” said O’Connor.

Marchers and activists showed up more than an hour early at the Red Wagon in the heart of downtown Spokane, lining up for a 1 p.m. start to the march.

“To see women from all generation and all walks of life, all with a common purpose binding us together, it makes me think of a better future where we are all equal,” said Brittany Robinson.

The rally began back in 2017, following a stunning election and a Trump win. At today’s rally it seemed that the anger that spurred last years march had turned into something more.

“This year I think there is a lot more optimism and a lot more hope,” said O’Connor.

“This year it is about we’ve created a change, its time to vote,” said Pamela Dyer.

“We want equality, equal pay, rights to choose and to have more women in leadership positions in this country, because they are qualified for them,” said Betsy Wilkerson.

The march wrapped around the city, visible for blocks and concluded back at the Red Wagon. Spokane law enforcement kept the situation calm and safe, as there were a number of counter protestors.

Following the conclusion of the march, local leaders like democratic former state lawmaker and current Congressional candidate Lisa Brown spoke to those gathered at the convention center across the street.