Thousands of teams check-in for Hoopfest 2017

Thousands of teams check-in for Hoopfest 2017

We’re less than two days away from tip off for Spokane’s annual 3-on-3 tournament. But before your Hoopfest squad can play in the streets of Spokane, your team first has to check-in.

Thousands of people already checked in on Thursday, hoping by Sunday they’ll end their weekend as Hoopfest champs.

“Just picking up our Hoopfest packets and showing the kids where the court’s going to be and just getting familiar with the new surroundings of Hoopfest because it’s all under construction,” Kershawn Grigsby, Spokane, said.

That construction is making for a much different looking Hoopfest this year. If you haven’t already, you’ll check your team in at the U.S. Pavilion in Riverfront Park. You don’t need much, just a member of your squad and your team number.

Checking in more than 6,000 teams takes a lot of work and organization. It all runs smoothly thanks to the thousands of Hoopfest volunteers.