Thousands of Spokane drivers still getting ticketed by cameras for speeding, running red lights

Spokane drivers continue to get nailed by photo red, speed cameras

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane drivers are still getting ticketed by red light cameras, and the trend is increasing.

According to a report from the Police Department’s traffic unit, 1,312 drivers were caught by cameras running red lights, and 741 drivers were caught speeding, all from December 16 through January 15. During this same time in 2018, there were 1,227 drivers running lights and 660 speeders.

That means an increase of 85 red light violations and 81 speeding violations.

Police attribute the sharp increase of speeding infractions to two new cameras at Ridgeview and Willard Elementary Schools – these two cameras alone wrote 344 infractions in the same timeframe last year.

Compare this to the three original cameras at Longfellow, Finch and Ridgeview Elementary Schools, which saw a reduction of 263 violations in the 30-day timespan.

The amount of violations have plummeted from their levels in September-October, which were at 1,800 red light violations and 900 speeding violations.

What has not changed, however, is where these drivers are getting ticketed:

  • Freya & 3rd Avenue still has the most violations at 218
  • Browne and Sprague has 162
  • Division and Sprague has 158
  • Hamilton and Mission has 149

As for speeders, the camera at Longfellow Elementary ticketed 273 violations, Willard Elementary caught 195 and Ridgeview Elementary caught 149.

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