Thor-Freya Project expected to wrap up by November

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Thor-Freya construction project has been underway since March. For drivers, it’s a headache to get around, and local businesses say it’s killing them as they adapt to try to reach their customers.

Mudslingers Coffee is located near Freya and Sprague. Its owner says they rely on people driving by for a majority of their business, and this construction project has them struggling to stay alive.

“We rely on drive-by customers and so even when the road was open, there were barriers that were letting people know there’s construction going on and people weren’t even making it down this far on Freya…so that’s impacted us a great deal with the construction,” said Diane Grecco, owner of Mudslingers coffee. “I’m not happy to hear it’s gonna be maybe 45 more days, we were hoping it would be done by the end of October which is a lot longer than originally expected,” she said.

Grecco said they weren’t sure if they would be able to survive due to the construction slashing revenue, she says they’ve had to make changes, like cutting back on hours and shifts just to operate.

“We’ve cut back on our shifts and we still are just not generating the revenue to put those shifts back in place yet,” Grecco said. “So we are hoping that once the construction is over things will pick back up but actually we don’t know.”

It hasn’t just been the construction affecting the small coffee stand, inflation plays a factor too, something Grecco said makes things difficult when losing so much money as it is

“Our revenues are down 50 percent or more,” Grecco said.

Change is on the horizon, the city says the construction project is coming to an end.

Kirstin Davis, communications manager for the city’s public works department, said the project has taken a while due to certain roadblocks messing with their timeline.

“The first half of the project took a little bit longer because we had a very wet spring and so we weren’t able to lay the concrete maybe as quickly as we would have liked,” Davis said. “Also, the early part of the project was really heavy with infrastructure underneath.”

This ongoing construction project is finally nearing its end and is expected to finish in the next 30-45 days. Grecco said that’s right when their slow season for customers starts.

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