This Spokane neighborhood has seen the most violent crime this year

When it comes to violent crimes in Spokane, one neighborhood in the East Central district is seeing more than the rest of the city.

People who live along 5th Ave near Fred Meyer say they’ve seen drug and violent assaults all too often. Of those people, some say they’re scared to call police, fearing retaliation.

Just last month, when the Spokane SWAT Team surrounded one of the homes near 5th and Ray, neighbors said they were far from surprised.

On that occasion, several people were arrested, including two men now charged with attempted murder. According to court documents, both of those men are known members of the Norteno Red Boyz street gang.

“We’ve seen a few fights before and people just all hopped up on stuff and coming in and out all the time fighting, screaming, yelling,” said one homeowner who lived in the neighborhood.

She chose to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

“We call it hood watch,” the homeowner said. It’s a game she and her friend- who also lives in the neighborhood- plays.

“We try to sit outside, like a little bit hidden, because again people are screaming and yelling at you or walking past you and you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Just two blocks away, there were two shootings outside another home last spring, both within weeks of each other. One man died, another was injured.

“It’s getting really old. I get that there’s problem areas, but there shouldn’t be this much foot traffic and illegal stuff going on without some kind of intervention,” said the woman.

She and other neighbors say they would feel safer with more police patrols. This year, to date, East Central Spokane has seen more violent crimes than any other area in Spokane.

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