This red light camera caught the most red light runners in Spokane in July

SPOKANE, Wash – Drivers continue to take risks running red lights in Spokane. In July, those cameras nabbed nearly 2,500 violators.

The Photo Red program sent out 2,481 tickets in July. That’s up from 1,778 the year before. The previous July, however, Stay Home orders were still in effect and fewer people were on the roads.

The cameras at Browne and Sprague caught the most people running red lights. 453 tickets came from that intersection.

The next busiest intersection for red light tickets was Division and Sprague. 429 violations were caught there.

297 drivers received violations from the intersection of Third and Freya. 285 people got tickets for running red lights at Division and Francis.

In addition to the red light cameras, speed cameras in school zones turn back on next week when kids head back to school. Those cameras track drivers near Lidgerwood, Audubon, Ridgeview and Willard elementary schools.

You can read more about where the cameras are, what they do and what happens if you’re caught committing a violation, you can visit this link. 

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