This little boy loves buses, so the Extreme Team is giving him one of his very own

Gears are in motion for a special little boy.

We first met Benji Keifer four years ago when he was officially adopted. Back then, he loved buses, and that still remains true.

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Benji is now 12 years old and has a number of medical and developmental issues. His mom, Becky, said buses help him open up.

“When you talk to him about what he’s excited about, he talks about the doors and the stairs and the ramps and the stop sign and just stuff about buses that he loves,” Becky said.

That is why the Extreme Team, along with the Wishing Star Foundation, are giving Benji his very own 36-foot bus, which will be parked right in his backyard.

Benji may not always get to do everything other kids get to, but once his bus is ready to go, he definitely will.

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