‘This is my peaceful place’: Owner hopes to share passion of tea with others

La Tea Da tea room just opened in Post Falls Friday.

Owner Shawny Fredricks has had a love for tea for so long, she wanted a place of her own.

Many of the things you’ll see at the tea room are items that have been repurposed or made by hand.

Each room has its own personality, one that Fredricks hopes others can enjoy with her.

” When I’m here, this is my peaceful place. It just calms me and I’m hoping that it does that for other people, ” Fredricks said. ” You see pretty things and I know it’s not modern, everyone’s got a different style, but it’s everything I love and I’m hoping to share that with others, people will resonate with it and they’ll love it too. ”

You can have tea time by reservation only. Fredricks said they order food from other places to accompany the tea.

To learn more information, visit La Tea Da’s Facebook page here.